Service Training

Although delivering service excellence is at the top of over 50% of strategic agendas, customer loyalty is on the decline.

Increasing client retention is one of the most effective growth and profit improvement strategies that exists and yet few organisations are able to manage service in a way which delivers the results they are looking for.

Our core Service programmes and workshops include:

Service Excellence Masterclass (1 Day Training Workshop)  


Service Essentials Masterclass (1 Day Training Workshop)


Service Excellence Masterclass

The 6 Es of Customer Obsessive Leadership

A Framework for Competitive Advantage and Profitable Growth.


Few organisations have products that are so unique, or a product brand so strong, that true customer loyalty is assured. By developing and delivering powerful experiences which really engage customers, influence their behaviours and re-define reputations, business leaders can create platforms for growth and transform business performance and profitability. This session shares some proven approaches, tools and techniques which work.

This session is designed to provide business leaders with the opportunity to reflect upon and:

  • Understand the numbers - unpack the potentially transformational ROI which influence focus and leadership decision making across the whole business.
  • Spot the gap – review the 3 Gaps that customer led businesses leaders obsess about to achieve true differentiation and competitive advantage.
  • Service leadership - understand the 6 Es of Customer Obsessed Leadership which enable engage employees to deliver powerful customer experiences and transform business performance.
  • Make it happen - adapt a simple, proven approach, the Cycle of Service, to systematically improving customer experiences via an engaged team, breaking down organisational silos and building a single customer focussed culture.
  • Implement actions and ideas which impact performance


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Service Essentials Masterclass

Customer experience is the new battleground. This 1 day workshop is a must for anyone involved in creating memorable customers experiences, looking at how we can turn service into an engaging customer emotional experience, which influences customer behaviour and spend.

Delegates will be exposed to a suite of tools, techniques and approaches which everybody involved with customers should excel at. This includess:

  • Owning the Customer Journey
  • Generating Referrals and Word of Mouth
  • Effective Complaint Handling
  • Service as a Sales Opportunity
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Adopting Service Attitudes
  • Creating Moments of Delight
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Managing Reputations in the digital world
  • Gaining feedback
  • Customer communication skills
  • Systematically improving service experience
  • Creating emotional connections with customers

Who should attend?

Anybody whose effectiveness depends to an extent on the ability to provide world class service and truly engage and delight customers.


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