Leadership 360 Surveys

Pulse Leadership 360

How effective are the leaders in your business?

What do your employees really think of them?

The leadership team in your business are critical to ensure the ongoing success of your business.  The Innergy Pulse Leadership 360° survey™ provides you with a unique insight into the effectiveness of your leadership team and assesses the levels of buy-in from your employees about those leaders.

It is often said that employees don't leave businesses, but their bosses, so running a regular leadership 360° survey prevents you from having any unnecessary surprises when it comes to your employees leaving your business and enables you to prevent that from happening in the first place.

The process is simple - just tell us which leaders in the business you would like to assess and send us a list of their direct reports, as well as their direct managers.  We'll then set up the online assessment and email you through the unique links to send out to your leaders, their employees and their managers (if applicable).  Once completed, an Innergy consultant will compile a comprehensive leadership 360° report for you outlining their strengths and weaknesses as seen from the eyes of the rest of the business.

If you are interested in running a Pulse Leadership 360° survey™ across your business, then contact us.