• Santander Bank

    The Challenge

    Santander has become the third largest bank in the country in terms of deposits, with a market share of 10%, 1,303 branches in total, and 25 million customers. In 2008, it doubled its number of retail banking outlets.

    Following this significant growth, in line with the merger and acquisition of Abbey, Alliance and Leicester and Bradford and Bingley in the UK, one of the key challenges facing Santander Bank is the bringing together of different cultures and organisational structures under one brand.

    The Solution

    Innergy spent a period of time assessing and analysing key members of the eMarketing team to understand the dynamics of the individuals, the challenges they face and their personal aspirations and goals.

    On review of the assessment, it was decided to create a high level, interactive team programme that focused on uniting the team with one set of key objectives and a unified way of working and representing themselves in their market.

    The Outcome

    The session proved to be both thought provoking and challenging, focusing on the key principles of team dynamics and collaborative working in a fun environment.

    The team left with both a whole new way of working, as well as a series of key deliverables and actions to implement with immediate effect, ensuring long term, sustainable results at both an individual and team level. 

    What they said..

    "For the second year running, we invited Innergy to design and facilitate the Santander eCommerce full team off site. The energy, enthusiasm and insights provided on the day showed how the Innergy team can really get to grips with some of the challenges within a team and face these in a productive, well thought out process.

    Of particular note was the way that a simple brief was taken, and bespoke content made the stated objectives come to life in the form of a lively and engaging session.

    We plan to significantly increase our working relationship with Innergy in the future, following this."

    Matthew Timms - Director, eCommerce