Leadership Training

Building on our extensive expertise in advising and consulting with organisations for over 10 years, our leadership training programmes take delegates through real life leadership scenarios to provide them with a proven suite of skills, tools and techniques that can be taken away and applied immediately in their workplaces whilst significantly developing their levels of confidence as leaders of individuals, teams and organisations.

Our core leadership training programmes include: 

Leadership Essentials logo (1 Day Training Workshop)   


Leadership Excellence logo (4 Day Training Programme)


Sales Leadership Excellence (4 Day Training Programme)


Leadership Essentials logo

Leadership EssentialsTM is designed for emerging leaders who are either new to management, anticipate having management responsibilities in the near future or who simply want to develop even more effective approaches to leading others. It is designed to equip delegates with the confidence and ability to inspire great performance, and unleash creativity, passion and energy from individuals and teams.

Delegates will be exposed to a toolkit of proven easy to implement techniques, tools and approaches which allow us to be the type of leader we want and need to be.

Content includes:

  • Inspiring Leadership - developing Compelling Team Visions
  • Building the team - Values as a tool for developing team behaviours 
  • Execution - planning for success 
  • Getting the Best – setting expectations and objectives and managing performance
  • Maximise your impact - personal effectiveness and delegation
  • Feedback’s a gift – getting and giving feedback
  • Coaching for performance
  • Employee engagement – motivating the team to deliver
  • Connecting with, Influencing and Engaging different personality types

Your Coach

An in demand speaker, trainer and coach on leadership Gordon Stoddart has 10 years’ experience working with business leaders and managers enabling them to deliver success in the UK and internationally.

What they say:

  • ‘Practical everyday techniques which are easy to implement’
  • ‘I’ve been on hours and hours of training over the last 20 years but the things I learnt on the Innergy course has caused a paradigm shift in the way I live and work’
  • ‘The manuals are brilliant. I use them almost daily’
  • ‘The course was intuitive, free flowing and thought provoking’
  • ‘It has changed the way I think, the way I delegate, the way I behave and most importantly the way I listen!’
  • ‘Just a massive thank you. I wish I could have a ten min refresher every morning before I start my day!’


Leadership Excellence logo

Effective Leadership and Management habits underpin every great team and business. This 4 day programme equips practicing managers with a comprehensive toolkit of techniques, approaches and tools, enabling them to achieve extraordinary results through and with others.

Run publically and available in-house, this award winning programme focuses on the practical application of proven techniques to complement and enhance existing strengths. The schedule of 1 day a month over four months allows delegates to apply the learning in between sessions and turn the knowledge into habits. The style is interactive, coaching led and focuses on application.


Module 1 – Inspiring Leadership

  • Leaders or managers
  • Building blocks of a great customer led business and team
  • Developing compelling Visions
  • Building and managing the culture and Values
  • Identifying Key Result Areas – bringing focus and alignment
  • Effective planning for success and managing risk
  • Connecting with, engaging and influencing different personalities 


Module 2 – Performance management and leadership

Creating a framework for performance:

  • Recruiting talent best practice
  • Setting expectations and objectives
  • Monitoring performance
  • Managing underperformance
  • Giving and getting feedback
  • Conflict management and difficult conversations
  • Creating a culture of continuous performance


Module 3 – Engaging Leadership

Employee engagement:

  • Building a high performing team
  • Succession planning
  • MC3 of employee engagement
  • Individual motivation
  • Coaching for performance
  • Leading change 


Module 4 – Personal leadership

  • Balancing time and energy – prioritising activities
  • Delegation and devolving responsibility
  • Influencing upwards
  • Personal leadership and awareness
  • Developing different leadership styles
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Owning personal development

For further information about this programme, or to request a leadership 360° assessment of your existing management team, click here.


Sales Leadership Excellence programme

The Sales Leadership Excellence™ programme has been designed for both new and existing sales leaders who not only want to develop their skills as a leader, but also want to drive selling performance across their teams.

Delivered one day per month over 4 months, delegates complete a series of tasks in between sessions that have an immediate and measurable impact on the levels of sales activity and productivity of their salesforce.

Prior to the start of the programme, the Innergy training team will complete a comprehensive assessment of each of the elected delegates as follows:

  • Online Skills Assessment to measure the key areas of strength and weaknesses of the individuals and the management team as a whole.
  • Online Management 360° Assessment to cross check the individuals’ completed skills assessment with their management perceptions.
  • 1:1 Interviews with each of the delegates to explore personal motivations, and to create engagement between delegates and the Innergy training team prior to the programme.

This time spent with delegates prior to the programme also provides the Innergy training team with a greater understanding of that delegate’s current sales and leadership processes, practices, company specific language and environment to ensure all training content delivered is aligned to the individuals’ business.

During the course of the programme, each of the delegates will have a number of activities and “assignments” to complete, each of which relate directly to their business and teams, including the renowned £80,000 Sales Innovation Project.

The programme then culminates in a final review with each of the delegates (1:1) one month after the conclusion of the course itself, to measure the progress against the original objectives, and to develop an ongoing development plan to ensure the new skills and learning continues to be used in the business.

To note, a dedicated coaching hotline is available to delegates throughout the course of the programme to provide any ongoing support and development between session, as well as a number of online tools and eLearning content to support the face to face interactions.


To provide sales leaders with the opportunity to explore different approaches to sales leadership through both theory and practical application. They will be able to draw on their own experiences and examples alongside the theory to understand how to practically apply them in their own work environment.

Through group discussions and role plays delegates will be able to explore the proven methods of developing high performing sales teams, increasing employee engagement and improving salesforce effectiveness.

Session One: Good to Great - Getting from where we are today to where we want to be.

  • Introduction to the Programme
  • Define the points of difference between sales management and sales leadership
  • Establish a sales leadership framework for your business
  • Use service excellence to drive productivity and performance across the business
  • Understand the link between effective decision making and problem solving
  • Implement a proven process for effective decision making and problem solving
  • Develop increased ability for fact finding and idea generation
  • Establish a process for managing the risks associated with decision making
  • Practice the approach on a practical relevant issue within your organisation
  • Understand business finance for non-financial leaders
  • Using the financial SWAT Pyramid
  • Introduction to the £80,000 Sales Innovation Project
  • Assignment Preparation for Session 2

Session Two: The “Me” I Could Be - Defining our personal leadership styles and adapting our behaviours.

  • The £80,000 Sales Innovation Project: Updates
  • Understand the link between IQ, SQ and EQ
  • Position yourself as an authority in the business
  • Be aware of the 18 sales leadership competencies
  • Understand the different levels of development of staff
  • Evaluate your own personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a platform to adapt your leadership styles to different personalities
  • Position yourself as a sales manager, sales leader and sales coach within your teams
  • Improve the effectiveness of sales team meetings
  • Understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback, and experienced a proven approach to provide feedback objectively
  • Understand Employee Engagement and what drives motivation
  • Link employee motivation to employee performance
  • Assignment Preparation for Session 3

Session Three: The Team We Could Be - Developing high performing teams and increasing employee engagement.

  • The £80,000 Sales Innovation Project: Updates
  • Develop your approach to managing sales performance
  • Have the understanding and confidence to performance manage top, middle and under performers.
  • Clarify the sales performance management journey
  • Examine the four engagements of sales performance
  • Have the skills and confidence to deliver high impact sales presentations
  • Understand the symptoms of poor time management
  • Create a more balanced lifestyle and minimise burn out and stress
  • Develop a number of techniques to effectively manage your time and energy
  • Have the ability to overcome the effects of procrastination
  • Develop a simple process to ensure delegation works
  • An introduction to high performing sales teams and workforce planning
  • Understand what makes a high performing sales team
  • Evaluate the key elements of a dysfunctional sales team
  • Practice working under pressure in a team environment
  • Assignment Preparation for Session 4

Session Four: Sales Excellence – Raising the bar in sales performance

  • Developing a Strategic Selling Framework
  • Customer Target Mapping
  • Innovative Sales Planning
  • Generating Prospect Generator™ Partnerships
  • Competitor Analysis and Market Share Development
  • Using Benefits Statements and Proof Points to Sell our Points of Difference
  • Exploiting Gatekeeper Relationships
  • Maintaining Consistent Sales Pipelines to Avoid the Feast or Famine Syndrome
  • Developing High-Impact Referral Systems
  • Understanding and Changing the Buying Motivations of Clients
  • Strategic Account Management and Development
  • Uncovering Hidden Needs and Opportunities and
  • Presenting our Service / Product Offering with Impact
  • Creating Calls to Action
  • Final Presentation of £80,000 Innovation Projects
  • Presentation of Individual Programme Reports
  • Certification and Close

For further information about this programme, or to request a leadership 360° assessment of your existing sales management team, click here.