Conference Facilitation

Whether the conference involves 20 or 2000 guests, Innergy guarantees high levels of interaction and energy, and an approach which delivers results and improves performance based on agreed objectives.

Our conferences tend to centre on three key outputs:

  • Maintaining and increasing motivation and engagement
  • Challenging and developing fresh thinking, behaviours and habits
  • Enabling delegates to agree and implement actions which move the individual, team or organisation forward and improve performance  

Whilst the content of our facilitation is tailored to the requirements of the audience, typical themes include:

  • Extraordinary Selling (sales)
  • Extraordinary Leadership (management)
  • Extraordinary Teams (teamwork)
  • Delight the Customer (service excellence)
  • Believe it and Achieve it (overcoming adversity)
  • Bouncing Higher then you Fall (managing change)
  • Creating Positive Discontent (creative thinking)
  • The Purpose Motive (company visions)



For further information about our conference programmes, or to talk through your conference requirements with one of the Innergy team, click here.