• Office Holdings

    The Challenge

    Office, the leading national shoe retailer known for its originality of product and store design, owns a number of high street brands including Office, Poste, Poste Mistress, and Offspring. 

    Having enjoyed significant growth and expansion, the Board decided to invest in its operational management team to enable them to manage and implement change within the organisation, as well as continuing to deliver high levels of performance through the network.

    The Solution

    Innergy co-designed a programme of development with not only the Operations Director and the HR team but also with the management team who would be involved in the development, thereby maximising the relevance and focus of the programme as well as the buy-in for all involved. 

    The programme was designed to not only develop the skills, behaviours and habits of the team but to recognise and take into account what made Office a special place to work in the first place - namely a creative, quirky, high energy and passionate culture - hence one of Europe’s leading circus training schools becoming involved! 

    The programme which took place - nine sessions over three months - focused on applying what was learnt. In between sessions the team put learning into practice, and fed back on successes and the impact of developing their approach at subsequent sessions.

    The Outcome

    The Board were invited to see for themselves the impact of the programme. Significant personal development was evident, as was the communication, effectiveness and ability of the team to drive performance through others. Equally powerful was the identification of high impact business improvement opportunities and the team’s ability to combine quality thinking with implementation, ensuring that Office continues to enjoy impressive growth and future success, while preserving the unique culture it enjoys.

    What they said..

    "We chose Innergy because they took time out in the first instance to really understand our business, its people and its culture. This allowed Innergy to really tailor a programme to the individuals in the team. 

    The principal of experiential learning worked extremely well and allowed the team to practice their new found skills in their day to day roles. 

    It was critical that who ever ran this programme with us became part of the team and they did just that. 

    Great fun was had by all!"

    Sue Barrow Operations Director, Office Holdings