Cycle of Service

Making Customer Experience the way it should be.


What is the Customer Experience Cycle?

The Customer Experience Cycle is a simple framework in which businesses and teams can manage and enhance the customer experience and focus collectively. It involves three components:

  1. Reputation – at the heart of everything we do, this sums up what we want to be famous for. Make this reputation a consistent reality and customers will stay loyal and recommend you. Everyone in the business must know what you are trying to achieve reputationally
  2. Touchpoints – key interactions between our customers and our business (or department)
  3. Standards – the customer led standards with the touchpoints which, if delivered consistently, represent excellence in the eyes of the customer

How does it make a difference?

It gets everybody on the same page and allows the team to manage and enhance the experience enjoyed by the customer. Businesses who use such an approach transform both the relationships with their customers and their loyalty. In simple terms, get this right and:
  • Your clients stay loyal and give you more of their business
  • They become less price sensitive as the relationship develops
  • They give you internal and external referrals
  • You generate significantly more money


How easy is it build?

Really easy – it’s simple to build, and has a simple Help and FAQ functionality to answer any questions you might have.

Tip: We strongly suggest that you involve the team as you build this and get their ideas, input an most importantly their buy in. ‘If you want people to be engaged, involve them’

Once it’s built, what’s the best way to use it?

The Customer Experience Cycle allows us to continually improve, so it needs to be a dynamic tool. If the Cycle has not evolved, neither will the experience we give our customers. Some things change more than others. The Reputation, at the centre of the Cycle, rarely changes and neither do the Touchpoints typically, although they can. What does and should change are the Standards within the Touchpoints and if we have enough feedback from the customers and ideas from the team, we can continually improve the overall experience.


Demo for the Customer Experience Cycle

‘The Customer Experience Cycle has been vital to revolutionising how we engage with existing and new clients. It enables a strategic customer centred approach for the whole business, creating team buy in and engagement, breaking down silos and establishing expectations of excellence. The Cycle is something we share with our clients to set expectations and set us apart from our competition, enabling buy in up front on the process pre and post-sale. It allows us to excel at and achieve: Increased satisfaction within the client base. Greater levels of referrals Stronger team spirit, collaboration and focus on customer excellence across all teams. Improved business performance, increasing retention and new sales growth

The Customer Experience Cycle is part of our DNA in client acquisition and management – it’s simple, genius and I can’t think of any business who wouldn’t benefit from it.’

Testimonial | Sales Director

What else can I do with the cycle?

You can add documents, videos and images against the Standards to help your team understand what a good job looks like. These might be training documents or videos which can help the team develop themselves.

You can also change the cycle colour to your main colour by clicking on ‘Settings’.

Additionally, you can choose to set up users with ‘view only’ access to ensure that everyone in your business is aligned.


Does it always make a difference and work?

This is a really cool tool to engage the team, to bring to life the customer experience, to get everyone on the same page, to develop new (and existing people) to understand what excellence looks, and to allow your business to get better and better. It will be of no value unless you keep it live and visible and you have a good management team to inspire the team.


Want to use this tool within your Organisation?

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