Business Leader Clubs

Innergy's Business Leaders Clubs bring together business owners and senior directors over the course of three intensive full day workshops (quarterly) focusing on Sales Strategy, Leadership and People and Business Efficiency, with the programme culminating in an incredible two-day retreat bringing all of the lessons learned throughout the previous masterclasses and generating some world class discussions and development initiatives.

Through the use of exceptional chair people, specialist facilitation experts and world class speakers, members will be challenged whilst being fully supported in developing both themselves and their business.

In addition, there will be an enormous suite of support services, tools, products, training and an online membership that all members will gain exclusive access to.

The Three Focus Areas

Sales – Focusing on successful customer acquisition, strategic account penetration and the use of simple yet effective tools to map competitors, customers and internal sales processes.

Leadership & People – exploring the key areas in which business leaders can build on their own leadership journey as well as strategy for the development of leaders within other areas of the business.

Business Efficiency – An exciting look at the areas in which a business can start to outperform the competition by strengthening the core efficiency within the organisation, whether through the use of technology, streamlined processes or variations on the financial model.

Innergy's Business Clubs are geared specifically towards business owners and senior directors to help them develop their own leadership skillset and to provide them with a multifunctional toolkit to use across specific areas of their business.

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