Talent Hub Tour

Once you have logged in to your password protected Talent HubTM you will see your homepage - a page that can contain key information from your site, links, images, videos and a wealth of widgets.


Create a logical road map and an easy to navigate site with the ability to upload information to your choice of pages and subpages. The ever present left hand navigation will enable to employees to quickly find the information they need.


Each of your pages can be populated with content of your choice - as well as the main information, it can be tailored with images, videos and widgets.  You can also upload relevant documents and images in the file directory for users to download.


Log and manage staff leave via the Talent HubTM with the Leave Tracker. Tailor the system by adding different types of holiday and holiday groupings to reflect your business as well as pulling reports to give you real time employee information


Manage the development of your users by uploading comprehensive training courses to you Talent HubTM - these courses can consist of documents, videos and eLearning modules and each course can be assessed via the Assessment Centre


Log and manage staff appraisals via the Appraisal Centre - the system features an easy to read dashboard allowing you to quickly see completed and outstanding appraisals