• Manchester Business School

    The Challenge

    Manchester Business School is the UK’s leading and largest business school and is recognised on the world stage as a centre of excellence. The school’s vision is to become a top 25 globally ranked business school, renowned for excellence in teaching and research. As part of the strategy to develop UK and global awareness and engagement, and deliver growth in revenue and student numbers, the marketing, communications and recruitment team came together to develop innovative ways of developing new approaches. Innergy were asked to facilitate an away day to help engage, develop and shape a high performing team and build a platform for further future success.

    The Solution

    Innergy worked with Manchester Business School to understand the specific challenges and opportunities relevant to the team and the business school, to ensure that Innergy had a clear understanding of the audience and the objectives and the many existing strengths that had enabled success to date. Innergy also conducted online research ahead of the meeting to obtain the team’s perspective. Innergy then designed and delivered a structured workshop to deliver the objectives.

    The Outcome

    The output of the intervention was a cohesive and motivated team, working towards an agreed vision of success, within a framework of values and measures of success. Clarity of direction was achieved and expectations and activities aligned to the business strategy of the school. The team also developed more effective ways of working together and communicating within the team, and left with a clear action plan which everyone had both bought into and contributed to.

    What they said..

    “In one day we made significant progress in bringing the team together and understanding the strategic role we will play in achieving our growth objectives. It struck the perfect balance of clarity, positivity and vision throughout the session. This tone enabled team to engage and therefore take ownership of the how the team moves forward. The result is that we have a clearer understanding of how to work more effectively in a planned, integrated, creative and measured way.”

    Team Member