Talent Hub Features

intranet   Intranet

Accessible via a password protected web site, the uniquely branded intranet system enables organisations to manage and share internal documentation.

The central system allows users to locate and view documents quickly providing the information needed as part of their role in the company.

knowledge bank   Knowledge Bank

Share market information through the Knowledge Centre, information is organised in a way that makes it clear and simple to find what the user is looking for.

Supporting various file formats from word documents through to videos the knowledge centre is a functional and integral part of the Talent Hub.

forum   Forum

The forum encourages communication throughout the company leading to new idea generation, an increase in productivity and quick resolution of key issues.

The forum supported by the powerful Talent Hub system is useful to communicate strategic initiatives through the company.

training   Training LMS

Centralise and automate training administration through the Training Centre. Rapidly assemble and deliver learning content tailored to individual job roles.

Training documentation from word documents and e-learning supported to create an integrated and engaging training course.

examinations and tests   Examinations and Tests

Administer a collection of examinations and tests to employees through the Assessment Centre, tailoring exams to training they have completed.

The exams are simple to set up allowing full control over the examination process and central access to results.

training needs analysis   Training Needs Analysis

Carry out Training Needs Analysis throughout the company by launching assessments to identify skills gaps within the company.

Identify competencies among employees ensuring they possess the appropriate skills required and all relevant and necessary compliance requirements are met.

polls   Polls

Administer company wide polls through the Poll tool to gain a clear understanding of feelings towards a new strategy implemented in the company.

Collate results to allow informed decisions to be made and identify common needs and challenges across an organisation .

appraisals   Appraisals

Motivate employees through constructed and consistent Appraisals. Select the appropriate form through the Appraisal tool for employees.

Continue staff development through the year by adding performance record notes into the system at any time.

leave tracker   Sick / Annual Leave Tracker

Monitor employee absence with minimum time and effort through the Sick / Annual Leave Tracker.

Requesting and recording leave is simple and provides real time calendar of leave, as well as historical data to report on.

expenses manager   Purchase Order Manager

Manage finance within the company via the PO Manager, a simple and easy to use tool designed to monitor invoices and approval of invoices.

Log all invoice requests and categorise enabling reports of monthly spend to be generated.

Content Packages

To support the development of your internal talent, various content packages (including Strategic Selling, Extraordinary Leadership), can also be purchased and uploaded to your hubs, each uniquely branded in line with your organisational branding guidelines and logos.

Tailored Content Development

Should your require content to be developed for your hub, tailored directly to your organisational needs, you can utilise one of our hub consultants to assess your current requirements and develop a suite of content for you, whether that be related to processes, procedures, training or even specific hub functionality.

Apps (Business and HR Applications)

An ever expaning suite of additional applications are also available to Talent Hub users. Each application is uniquely designed to support the ongoing management and development of your internal talent and all Talent Hub customers automatically gain access to any new features as part of their monthly payment plan.