Pulse - Business Tool Kit

Pulse™, Innergy's Business Toolkit, is a library of easy-to-use, web-based tools for business professionals who literally want to check the heartbeat of their business to ensure they are maximising performance and profitability.

The tools include:

Pulse -Business Healthcheck

Benchmarking the key components of your business against best practice data to ensure you follow an appropriate framework to achieve your strategic business goals and enabling you to identify any possible gaps and opportunities for growth.

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Pulse - Employee Engagement Surveys

Assessing the levels of motivation and engagement of your employees, and identifying key areas for change and improvement.

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Pulse - Leadership 360 Surveys

Benchmarking individual leaders' performance against opinions systematically collated from a wide range of coworkers, peers and direct reports.

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Pulse - Training Needs Analysis

Identifying the gaps in employee skills and behaviour to enable organisations to develop robust training interventions that achieve the most effective ROI.

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Pulse - Customer Value Index

Assessing the true value of your prospect and existing customer base, to ensure your customer facing employees can prioritise how and where they spend their time.

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Pulse - Cycle of Service Excellence

Measuring each stage of the customer journey, to enable you to deliver a level of service excellence that delivers an increase in customer referrals, repeat business and client penetration.

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Pulse - Customer Feedback Survey

Evaluating the quality of your service provision in the eyes of your customers, enabling you to improve engagement, increase margins and account development.

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Pulse - Psychometirc Testing

Benchmarking the behaviours and abilities that will deliver success in your organisation, giving you a high level of certainty in all of your people decisions.

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