Business Healthcheck

Pulse - Business Healthcheck

How well is your business doing?

How do you know?

The Innergy Pulse Business Healthcheck tool™ is the flagship tool in the Pulse™ series and allows owners and managers of businesses to benchmark their organisations against the key criteria that make any business effective, efficient and highly profitable.

Whether you are building up your business to create maximum shareholder value, or just want your business to function at its highest level of performance, the healthcheck will enable you to identify any areas of your business that require focus and improvement, benchmarking you against like organisations who are currently outperforming the markets.

Within minutes you can generate a unique report about the 30 key components that make up your business and how they compare to best in class organisations both within your markets as well as against other markets.  Additional modules also enable you to put a market-ready valuation on your business as it currently is as well as a blueprint for growth to achieve the required valuation you are looking for in the future.

The process is simple and takes just minutes to complete, but will give you a whole new perspective on the potential of your business and how you can immediately increase performance, profitability and value. 

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