Customer Value Index

Pulse - Customer Value Index

How many of the customers you are working with would you say are of value?

What makes a customer valuable to you?

Many organisations waste a huge amount of time working with customers that have no or limited value to them, reducing the amount of time we have left to spend with our more profitable clients.  The Innergy Pulse Customer Value Index™ allows organisations to quickly and simply identify the most valuable clients to target and engage with, based on 7 key value criteria.

Our natural inclination in business, especially amongst sales professionals, is to not say no to any new business opportunities, presuming that “any business is good business”.  Sales professionals tend to oversell and over forecast pipelines to their managers and in many cases, organisations tend to follow a very poor qualification process for new clients.

Embedding a Customer Value Index™ system into your business, and using the principles of eliminating wastage into the culture of your business, ensures that employees prioritise and focus on profitable business activities and more importantly, profitable clients.

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