Non-Executive Directors

The quality and effectiveness of the executive team is a major contributor to business success, and most businesses, as they grow, seek external and non-executive input to ensure strategic goals are realised.

We have been instrumental in driving some of the most glittering success stories in business, utilising a pool of highly experienced Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) from our network of partners and associates to support our clients' strategic growth plans.

The experience and expertise of our team enables us to construct a programme to support your journey towards future shareholder value by introducing you to some of the most highly accomplished entrepreneurs in your industry. 

Each of our Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) have been handpicked and stringently assessed to ensure they have the right experience, skills, commitment and drive to transform organisations' strategic growth plans, from start-up through to exit.

Why have a Non-Executive Director?

Non-Executive Directors enable business leaders to:

  • Focus on Board level matters and strategic direction
  • Reduce risk and avoid mistakes
  • Access impartial, independent, and trusted advice
  • Be supported and challenged in decision making
  • Add specialist experience to the Board
  • Access an experienced sounding board
  • Performance manage the senior team

For further information and a confidential discussion with one of the team, please contact us