• vielife

    The Challenge

    vielife is a global provider of health solutions that drive business improvements. They empower organisations to monitor and improve the health and well-being of their people through assessments, personalised reports and lifestyle management services.

    As part of their global growth plans, a formalised review and assessment of their current sales strategy was required to support the strategic direction of the business, both through direct and channel selling mediums.

    The Solution

    On recommendation, Innergy were enlisted to facilitate a comprehensive analysis of vielife’s current sales process and personnel, resulting in the delivery of a number of initiatives and recommendations to increase sales across the business (direct and channel), as well as the facilitation of a series of training interventions with all the sales focused personnel in the business.

    The Outcome

    Ultimately, the Global Sales Director and his supporting management team were able to adjust the structure and process map of vielife in line with Innergy’s recommendations, to increase new business revenue across the brand.

    The sales team were engaged and stimulated by the new initiatives and it provided an excellent opportunity for some key issues and challenges that faced the business to be reviewed, challenged and overcome.

    What they said..

    "Innergy added tremendous value to my review of the sales and marketing team within vielife. They were focused in their approach, extremely professional with the team and delivered great results to improve our performance."

    Rick Haslam - Global Sales Director