• The Ultimate Experience

    The Challenge

    The Ultimate Experience, part of the £20m Concerto Group, is one of London's leading corporate event management organisers.

    Voted "Event Management Company of the Year" at the CEA awards, the Ultimate Experience have a commitment to quality and value in every event and party they organise, an enviable track record and great people, 

    Following consultation with the senior management team of the Ultimate Experience, it was agreed that a refreshment of the company's sales strategy would enable them to further exercise their revenue potential in the lead up to the busy Christmas period.

    The Solution

    Innergy proposed a three month schedule of training and interim sales management that involved both the sales personnel as well as the sales leadership team. 

    The key areas of focus for the programme were as follows:

    • Commercialise the sales personnel to sell for “profit”
    • Develop a real culture and environment of sales within The Ultimate Experience 
    • Motivate staff to embrace sales, continually 
    • Assess the current processes for business development and re-design if applicable 
    • Raise the levels of passion, pride and emotion in the business 
    • Develop the leadership of the sales process to ensure sustainability

    The Outcome

    The three month programme, entitled Sales: Good to Great, has enabled the key sales personnel to significantly achieve above their pre-determined sales targets, ahead of time, for the Christmas period. 

    The leadership team have developed new skills to motivate, organise and drive sales force effectiveness within the business, and are now better structured and set to work with their staff.

    What they said..

    "The Innergy training has brought a new lease of life into the sales function of our business. 

    Not only has it helped us achieve our targets, by some margin, but we have something in place that will enable us to better these figures by even more into the future. 

    The whole experience has been both invigorating and worthwhile for me and the team, and we very much look forward to the next time we work with Innergy.

    Tom Pinchin Account Director, The Ultimate Experience