• Owen Williams

    The Challenge

    Highways Division of Owen Williams’ were keen to implement a fresh approach to senior staff development, as they felt that many of their senior staff members had “reached a barrier in developing relationships, needed to confront themselves, examine themselves, take the challenge, commit and extend”

    The Divisional Director also saw this as an opportunity to close the gap between himself and his team, and form the basis of real succession planning.

    The Solution

    Innergy designed and delivered an interactive 10-session development programme for 16 members of Owen Williams’ senior staff, the key objectives of the programme being to provide the Highways team with:

    • Enhanced management skills
    • Improved people skills
    • The ability to set and achieve goals
    • Self motivation and willingness to accept responsibility
    • The ability to really apply and implement training
    • A succession planning framework
    • A programme that could be repeated and/or adapted to cascade down to other tiers

    The Outcome

    Over the course of the 10-session programme the 16 senior staff members developed a real sense of teamwork and began to build a dynamic culture that enabled them to effectively meet the changes and challenges the Highways team was facing.

    Each member of the team was helped to identify and work on their own personal areas for improvement with a continual emphasis on getting each individual to “confront themselves, examine themselves, take the challenge, commit and extend themselves”.

    Another significant benefit from the programme was the shift from a compliance mentality to one that recognises the need for a proactive approach to business and projects, in order to stay ahead of the game.

    What they said..

    "I would like to thank you for the excellent delivery of our specific requirements for a management development and capacity building course – “Unlocking the Future”.

    The timescales we set were tight, as were the required outcomes. The timescales were met and already we are seeing considerable benefits in the individuals and the way in which they manage themselves and their staff.

    The tools they have been given and the techniques they have been made aware of are proving invaluable. The buzz within the team is high and they have built a good team spirit between them. The vocabulary they use adds a new dimension to the business!

    I am confident that our business will be strengthened and I know that the managers have already developed significantly."

    Dennis Hill - Divisional Director