• Lawrence Dean Recruitment

    The Challenge

    Lawrence Dean Recruitment is an independent recruitment agency, focusing on the supply of temporary and permanent staff within the Hertfordshire area.

    They have found themselves at a point of growth within their organisation and felt the need for an outside perspective to help align their objectives with an effective business plan.

    The Solution

    Lawrence Dean Recruitment contacted Innergy following a referral to discuss their strategic growth plans and what they needed to do to take their business to the next level.

    Innergy spent time with the senior management team of Lawrence Dean Recruitment to assess and challenge the current business infrastructure and to identify a number of re-alignments of the existing business strategy.

    The Outcome

    The results Lawrence Dean Recruitment have experienced have been significant, not only enabling them to align their day to day operations with a new business vision, but also ensuring that the key members of the team were best utilising their time and focus to achieve the greatest efficiency and effectiveness from their efforts.

    Additional members of the team also underwent some interactive sales training with Innergy to embed in some of the new ideas and initiatives and realise their strategic plans.

    What they said…

    “I was recommended to Innergy by a business contact that had used them for multiple services previously. As a very busy agency entering our third year of trading we were pleased with the success we had had so far, but really needed more focussed direction for the future.

    Innergy is very approachable and very quickly got to understand our business model, unpicked it and highlighted areas of key success and also concern. They then worked closely with us to get us back on track to achieve both our personal and business goals and gave us a new found energy to deliver our future plans.

    As a business we will be working with Innergy in the future and would highly recommend them to any business owners that want to benefit from fresh and innovative ideas from highly experienced and well-connected professionals.”

    Sarah Bennett - Director