• inScience Communications

    The Challenge

    inScience Communications is part of Wolters Kluwer, the market-leading global information services and publishing company.inScience drives publications, education and communication in all aspects of healthcare across the globe. Beyond providing insight and expertise, the client facing team are required to develop, build and maintain relationships with existing and potential clients. This contributes to ensuring the overall client experience is as good as it needs to be to and that the inScience reputation is excellent, not only for the level of expertise, but also for its people.

    Faced with the challenge of different nationalities, different organisational cultures, and the high profile of certain clients, the client facing team are required to excel at business develop and relationship building.

    Having been recommended, Innergy were asked to design a development programme which would enhance the UK team’s effectiveness in this area.

    The Solution

    Having spent time interviewing the senior management team to diagnose needs, Innergy set out to design and deliver a bespoke development programme which recognised the specific nature of the market, and the challenges and opportunities faced by UKinScience team. This included best practice approaches to:

    • Developing a client led approach to business relationships
    • Building a client experience based on a reputation for professionalism and service
    • Defining and delivering systematic professionalism 
    • Understanding the do’s and don’ts of professional communications
    • Connecting with, engaging and influencing different types of people
    • Making an impact and leaving an impression in new relationships
    • Building deep and meaningful human and business relationships

    The UK team were surveyed in advance to ensure that every individual’s development needs and priorities were taken into account in designing the development programme. Having tailored the programme and brought the UK team together in a number of highly interactive workshops, the team went away with individual and team action plans to implement.

    The Outcome

    Innergy conducted post workshop reviews with the UK team to understand what new skills and habits had been developed and what successes had been achieved. Successes included:

    • New business wins as a result  of best practice business relationship building practices which were successfully applied
    • New business wins as a result of innovative approaches to business pitches including the use of video technology
    • Challenging business relationships were turned around by improving the quality and effectiveness of client feedback  and the use of effective questioning
    • Improved business pitch processes  led  to higher levels of client satisfaction
    • Improved internal relationships improved team working and  reduced conflict
    • Achieving new levels of client satisfaction as a result of reviewing and developing the client experience
    • Improved cash flow management through developing a different dialogue with the clients

    "'Developing Professional Business Relationships' workshop was extremely well received by our team. The content was relevant to our business and the training was delivered in such a way that enhanced open dialogue between the trainer, attendees and the group as a whole, creating some thought provoking discussion. All attendees took learning’s and something positive from the course to implement into their day to day interactions with both internal and external team members and we particularly liked the feedback session that took place approximately six weeks after the course to review how learning’s had been implemented and what success individuals had seen from this. All in all a great training course." Katherine Challoner - Scientific Services Director

    "I found this course to be one of the most engaging and useful training courses I have attended. You tailored the course to suit our Medical Communications business and ensured that we all took away learning points to put into practice in our everyday roles. In my own personal experience I have incorporated the practices learnt with a great deal of benefit, not only to my clients, but to me and my team. This has resulted in more productive business relationships with the client which in turn has led to greater revenue generation and less stress for all! Result!" Mel West - Account Executive

    What they said

    "I was delighted with the success of the course that Innergy ran for the UK team. Innergy sought input from both managers and delegates to develop a strong agenda that met a complex brief.  With the relaxed and enthusiastic style, the delegates were engaged throughout and, importantly, were sufficiently inspired to make specific positive changes to their working practices as a result. The proactive, personable and informed approach helped secure this great result and we look forward to working with Innergy again."

    Shirley Smith - Senior Scientific Services Director