• Hanover IT

    The Challenge

    Hanover IT are specialist recruiters of web-centric business and technology professionals within digital media, e-commerce and corporate application environments. As an organisation , their challenge was to create and deliver a sustainable plan of growth to allow them to achieve their corporate objectives whilst maintaining their existing business structure and client base.

    The Solution

    Following a series of assessments and time spent inside the business, Innergy familiarised themselves with Hanover’s business, and developed a strategic plan to eliminate any unnecessary waste in resources and costs, drive new personnel growth and deliver higher levels of new business, whilst securing existing business.

    This was followed by a regular number of business and HR consultancy support days, as well as a schedule of employee training initiatives to ensure the new strategies of the business were implemented, measured and ultimately realised.

    This delivery was supported by the successful integration of the Talent Hub™ system into Hanover IT’s business to allow the employee training initiatives to be accessed from one central system. The Talent Hub™ enabled Hanover IT to centralise all their core training programmes as well store their company information ensuring standardisation across their learning and development as well as systems and processes. 

    The Outcome

    The business has grown exponentially since the initial meeting and Hanover IT are now in a very strong position within their market place. Headcount continues to increase; costs continue to be managed effectively and new business sales continues to grow, as they continue to employ Innergy’s services as an ongoing support to their business. 

    What they said…

    "I first came across Innergy while attending a leadership course that they were running which proved to be so valuable in terms of content that I hired them as a business consultant.

    They have helped us to understand our own business, streamline our processes, reduce costs and plan effectively for the future. I would highly recommend Innergy’s services and they pay for themselves many times over in terms of money they will help you generate and save."

    James Burdis - Director