• Gateway to Work

    The Challenge

    Gateway To Work is a two-week programme run by WorkDirections UK, a company that prides itself in its commitment to helping people find sustainable employment, in partnership with Job Centre Plus, designed to motivate and encourage clients to take ownership of their search for employment. 

    The programme itself would need to enable participants to improve their communication, team working, problem solving, presentation and time management skills in order to find work. It also offers advice and guidance with job applications, CV writing and job interview techniques. 

    Innergy were brought in to help Work Directions develop the programme, and then train a team of facilitators to deliver it ongoing across their London offices.

    The Solution

    Following a series of planning meetings, Innergy spent a number of weeks experiencing the content of the existing programmes live, before co-developing a new syllabus of training content for the programme with the facilitators and managers of Work Directions. 

    To ensure its effectiveness, Innergy facilitators then spent a further month hosting the programme themselves with the support of two new facilitators. 

    Finally, a number of Work Directions staff underwent a comprehensive Coach the Coach programme, which included a three day intensive workshop at Innergy's training facilities in Bath, in order to improve their facilitation skills in order to run the programme independently and eventually train other facilitators.

    The Outcome

    Once the new Facilitators were fully trained, an average of four people started work during each fortnight of Gateway 2 Work for a period of four months running. Further results included marked differences in levels of confidence in clients, increased focus in job-search, tangible improvements in communication skills and team work, and levels of motivation rising significantly. 

    Such was the success that the programme has now be extended to other offices across the UK and Innergy have been asked back to further develop a new team of facilitators.

    What they said..

    "Within the space of four months, G2W has seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients starting work and the programme has had a tremendous impact on individuals' confidence, appreciation of diversity, self-awareness and enthusiasm for work. 

    Personally, the programme has enabled me to become far more confident and effective as a facilitator."

    Rudaba Osmani Group Facilitator, Gateway to Work