• First Point Group

    The Challenge

    First Point Group supply candidates from emerging mobile and data technologies to clients all around the globe, with offices located in Dubai, Hong Kong, Dallas and Mexico City as well as the head office in London.

    With their employees spread across the world it was identified that First Point Group needed training for their employees delivered face to face as well as access to training at all times from any office location.

    The Solution

    Sales and leadership training was developed for First Point Group employees and was delivered by Innergy to staff across all the offices in 5 countries.

    This training was supported by a Talent Hub™, a unique online learning management, training and intranet system. The Talent Hub™ enabled First Point Group to administer standardised desk based training across all offices to support the face to face delivery. 

    The Outcome

    Training across First Point Group was streamlined and engaging, with employees experiencing face to face training supported by on demand training documents that enabled them to grow in their roles. 

    Working internationally with each of the offices enabled the training, strategy and communication to be consistent across all the international employees and the feedback from all the offices has been excellent, both around the training content but also around the effective new strategy development and people management.

    What they said…

    “The process of sending one of the Innergy consultants out across all our offices across the globe has worked really well and enabled us to maintain a consistent message and methodology across the network.

    The Talent Hub system has supported our new employee induction and development strategies and reduced the man hours required to manage this process at management levels in the different offices.

    I look forward to working with them more in the future.”

    Alistair Rynish - Director