• eventwise

    The Challenge

    The Concerto Group is one of the UK’s leading event services businesses. 
    Concerto has established itself as the leading player in the market through consistently providing creativity, operational excellence, credibility and value. 

    Following a strategic review the decision was made to merge two of the event management brands to offer a larger and even more dynamic communications agency under the Eventwise brand. The challenge was to merge the two businesses with no impact on customer service delivery, business development or employee motivation and productivity, while ensuring total employee engagement - hearts and minds - from employees at every level.

    The Solution

    Innergy were engaged to ensure the planning and execution of the merger process delivered all the objectives. 

    The Innergy team worked closely with senior management to: 

    • clarify the shape and feel of the merged organisation 
    • develop a clear a time-bound plan incorporating all aspects of an effective merger 
    • involve and engage employees to ensure buy in and input to the future business 
    • develop a single business culture and mindset that enabled focus and effective teamwork from day one. 
    • launch the business in a way that contributed to maximising productivity and motivation

    The Outcome

    The result of the investment in quality thinking, detailed planning, and employee involvement meant that from the first day the two teams came together in their new offices, they were: 

    • raring to go and excited about the future 
    • focussed on delivering the numbers and service levels 
    • confident they knew what the business was about and stood for 
    • confident they know what was expected from them 
    • demonstrating an ability to share ideas with knew colleagues 
    • working closely and effectively with each other as a result of the time invested in getting to know each other prior to the merger

    What they said..

    "Innergy's input was incredibly valuable right from the start. Innergy helped us produce a detailed merger plan that meant we all knew what had to be done and in what sequence to achieve the goal. 

    They kept our senior management team focussed and engaged on the key issues whilst helping us ensure the process of change was clearly understood by both teams. They also provided a valuable perspective on the personal issues that often accompany change and were always happy to discuss these with us at any time. 

    They were a pleasure to work with and I will certainly be contacting them again in the future."

    Mike Kershaw Chairman, The Concerto Group