• Centre for Leadership Development

    The Challenge

    The Centre for Leadership Development was set up as a power supply linking entrepreneurial savvy to globally renowned academic and research resources with the purpose of helping Merseyside’s top executives sharpen their leadership skills so they range of can take on the world’s best - and win. The initiative is backed by Liverpool’s four universities.

    The Centre for Leadership Development needed to ensure that its programmes not only were backed by world-beating research facilities, but delivered by specialists with commercial backgrounds, with insights into practical, down-to-earth problems of business management.

    The Solution

    Innergy were invited to be a training partner and developed a public leadership programme - Results Through Leadership - which was integrated into the Centre for Leadership offering.

    The programme was delivered in bite size chunks over two months, enabling delegates to apply the learning and deliver results back to their organisations by the end of the programme.

    The focus of the programme was as much on the application as on the learning of new tools and approaches. The tools and approaches were designed to be easy to implement and to deliver high impact

    The Outcome

    The impact and popularity of the programme was such that by the fifth programme, every new delegate was there as a result of word of mouth from previous delegates. Tangible benefits were achieved at individual, team and organisational level. The positive feedback focused on the bite sized approach, the focus on action, the quality and passion of the course facilitators and the money back guarantee.

    100% of the delegates attending the programme have declared themselves very willing and happy to refer the programme to others as a result of the results they have achieved.

    The programme has delivered tangible benefits as delegates themselves have articulated:

    Improving the bottom line "Fantastic. I recuperated the cost of the programme five times over after the first session" - Managing Director, SME

    Developing personal effectiveness "The i4 tool enabled me to achieve outstanding results to a process, resulting in a saving of two days per week” - Manager, Public Sector.

    Developing performance and driving change through their teams “Implementation of the results has led to a higher level of staff initiative” - Manager, Private Sector.

    What they said..

    “Results through Leadership proved immensely popular and has been run on numerous occasions throughout the year due to word-of-mouth publicity from those who have completed the programme.

    It provides immediate quantifiable business benefits as well as allowing participants to reflect on their personal performance. The programme is a must for people who want a dynamic, fast results return on their investment in training."

    Jane Davies - Director