• ASE Consulting

    The Challenge

    ASE Consulting is a leading provider of IT services and solutions which bridge the gap between strategic business objectives and IT solutions, working primarily at the heart of UK government.  Established in 1987, ASE has a team of consultants with hands-on experience and a thorough knowledge of the issues and challenges organisations face, with a particular strength and expertise in the Public Sector.

    With the majority of consultants being client-based – typically large government departments – and having expanded the team significantly, ASE wanted to ensure that the awareness and communication of key messages from the ASE team was as clear and consistent as it needed to be.

    ASE were also looking to develop even greater clarity as to what ASE offers and should be recognised for in the market place to ensure future growth.

    ASE invited Innergy in conjunction with event management company, Adrenalin, to design and deliver an event which would engage and involve the team in reconfirming the key areas of expertise which ASE delivered to the market place.

    The Solution

    Allocated into teams according to their experience and expertise, Consultants were challenged with researching, planning and shooting promotional videos which highlighted ASE’s many business strengths.

    This was to form the key part of the annual weekend away that ASE held to bring everyone together and recognise the success of the business. The event combined engaging the team, challenging the thinking, having some fun as well as kick starting key initiatives which would ensure the company’s continued success and future growth.

    The Outcome

    The event brought the team together, enabling people to develop relationships and their understanding of colleague’s skills and experience, while also developing a real focus on key business imperatives and critical developments. It allowed teams and individuals to unleash their creativity and have some fun, culminating in a highly motivational Oscar style awards ceremony. 

    What they said..

    "I found them very professional and enjoyed working with them.  We had several sessions together before the event to plan the event and to develop the concept and detail to ensure that it would be a success. 

    Their performance at the event was excellent.  All the team had been fully briefed on the event objectives, logistics and organisation and, as a result, they were able to accommodate a change of plan on-the-fly which was due to our delayed start time. 

    The facilitation skills were exceptional – our people are very autonomous and sometimes we can be a difficult group to manage.  They managed us with ease and helped get the most out of the event."

    Richard England