• Veale Wasbrough Vizards

    The Challenge

    Veale Wasbrough Vizards are a leading law firm in the South West and London and as well as a thriving general corporate and commercial practice, they are specific sector experts in the areas of education, healthcare, public sector and family businesses.

    As part of their annual business planning process, they have recognised that business development skills are critical to the successful delivery of the plans, and that it is critical to ensure that all staff have the relevant skills to achieve continued fulfilment of the firms strategic goals.

    The Solution

    Following an individual assessment of the development needs of each of the three teams, the lead partner in each of the sector specialisms were interviewed to determine the specific goals that they were aiming to achieve.

    The training sessions were broken into sectors and were designed to provide an introduction to a range of proven selling tools and techniques whilst applying them to the legal sector and the relevant case studies.

    The Outcome

    With all delegates rating the session on average greater than 8 out of 10, and the facilitators 9 out of 10, everyone came away with several practical tools and techniques and a real sense of enthusiasm to improve the way that they develop new business.

    The lead partners recognised a number of areas where the programme can help their teams and themselves improve their business development performance, and as they enter their business planning phase for the next financial year, they feel better equipped to set and achieve some challenging targets.

    What they said..

    "All positive. It is good to have a "sales" course properly focussed on professional services, which don't always fall neatly down to product which can be sold. 

    A good session, bringing together a number of useful concepts."

    Ben Willis - Lead Partner