• St Lucia Ministry of Tourism

    The Challenge

    In my present role, as a Responsible Tourism specialist advisor for an EU funded Eco/Agro Tourism Development Project with the Ministry of Tourism in St Lucia, I have been given the task to evaluate certain aspects of the sustainability of the project and its beneficiaries, including financial viability, community cohesion and livelihood improvements.

    There is no template to frame this task and no set guidelines, so I was much left to my own devices. My first task therefore was to get clear on how best to tackle this role and ensure that I delivered something useful and meaningful to benefit the project.   

    The Solution

    What helped tremendously in planning and preparing for this task was the e-learning modules that I had done in the past with Innergy.

    Reviewing my modules and doing some of them again, reminded me of some very simple and effective planning tools that worked in the past in my previous role and were totally transferrable into this different field, such as their suite of planning and project management tools that really helped to simplify the planning process and make it manageable. 

    The Outcome

    Over the past couple of months I have successfully implemented the development of a community based monitoring and evaluation tool that can help the beneficiary community measure their own progress and use the information they gather to help plan their future and maintain their momentum.

    What they said..

    "Managing a business or a project can sometimes seem daunting and its easy to get bogged down in the minutiae of micro-managing your situation.

    Innergy and its online learning tools helps de-clutter your thought processes and focus effectively on solutions that are easily replicable in any situation, I certainly would recommend it to the owner of a home business up to a multinational CEO."

    James Crockett - Responsible Tourism Specialist Advisor