• Paradigm Norton

    The Challenge

    Paradigm Norton are an award winning Financial Planning firm who provide an outstanding and unique service to high net worth individuals throughout the UK.  

    Their challenge to further growth derived from a lack of business development experience and confidence with their technically expert Senior Financial Planners. Whilst they were excellent relationship managers, the responsibility for new business had fallen on the whole to the Directors.

    The Solution

    Innergy designed a tailored 12 month programme, to develop the skills of the senior team. The programme was broken down into three hour monthly sessions which incorporated a range of facilitated group discussions, coaching, business development and management training.

    Each person created a new business development project as part of the project, developing their own plan, and implementing the actions to bring in new clients to the firm. The aim being to, provide a platform for innovation, and real growth opportunities into some new niches for the future.

    The Outcome

    The team found the monthly get-togethers built a much greater team spirit, enabling them to share best practice and challenge and encourage each other. They have become more confident in finding new business and taking ownership of some new business development objectives.

    New business has been generated through the projects, and one of the projects has lead to the creation of a new division within Paradigm Norton to support Charities and Charitable Trusts with their Financial Planning needs.

    Some of the team have received coaching from Innergy allowing them to find new and better ways of working.

    "Innergy are not afraid to ask the hard questions in holding me accountable. This is not comfortable, but it is what I need. They therefore have my permission to continue!"

    Richard Child - Director

    "Innergy have a great talent for listening to business development challenges, breaking them down into key manageable chunks and then proposing insightful, innovative and easy to implement solutions. I've learnt a lot from them about things I thought I already knew well."

    Will Driver - Senior Financial Planner

    What they said..

    "As an ambitious and growing financial planning firm, we were looking to develop both the business development and management skills of our senior team. Innergy took the time to understand the business and what our goals were and designed a monthly programme that didn’t take the team away from their busy diaries for too long, but allowed them to apply the learning to real business improvements project that are making a tangible difference to the business. 

    The programme has brought the team together, pushed them forward, generated lots of ideas and built their confidence. Innergy has also coached a few of the team on a one to one basis, which has helped them overcome some of their personal and professional challenges. I have enjoyed working with Innergy, and would highly recommend them."

    Barry Horner - CEO