• MA Associates

    The Challenge

    In business, as in life, people can be divided into two groups. Those that can be relied upon and those that can't. The risk lies in discovering which people inhabit which group. MA Associates Worldwide is a global technology resourcing company that has constructed a simple and unique system for eliminating that risk. 

    As a young, but rapidly expanding organisation, MA Associates Worldwide found themselves in a position of immense growth, both in terms of revenue and people. Working in such a competitive market, the challenge for the business was to define, develop and implement a “model of excellence” that would not only support this growth, but also ensure that they remained ahead of their competition though the quality of their sales and service delivery. 

    To achieve this, an innovative yet sustainable approach had to be taken, and in 2005, Innergy were approached by MA Associates on the back of a referral, to develop and deliver just that.

    The Solution

    Following consultation with the directors, Innergy’s implemented a four phase approach that began with a period of analysis (phase one) of the people, processes, financials and systems currently in place within the business, using a series of online tools and assessment days. 

    On submission of a comprehensive report to the MA Associates board, Innergy then developed an effective strategy to communicate (phase two) the new vision for the company to the team, as well as the defined strategies to achieve that vision. This ensured there was unanimous buy-in to the new direction of the company. 

    A six month period of implementation (phase three) then followed, including a scheduled programme of sales, service and leadership development workshops, as well as a number of creative planning sessions to develop a unique sales proposition for their market. Innergy were also tasked with the development of applicable marketing materials that supported this new proposition, along with a comprehensive Policies and Procedures manual for internal personnel. 

    Finally, a period of review and assessment concluded the process, providing a benchmark for MA Associates to then further grow and develop.

    The Outcome

    MA Associates Worldwide has enjoyed unparalleled growth in its chosen market, with dramatic increases in new clients and consequential new business revenue over the past 12 months. 

    The team continues to build in size, retained by an internal framework that has not only reduced turnover of staff, but also attracts high achievers to the business. 

    Their new unique approach to servicing their clients, is widely perceived by their clients as an industry first, and a benchmark for their competitors.

    What they said..

    "We had been looking for some time for someone whom we could really trust to help support our growth, though had failed to find anyone who we thought had the commitment, ability and creative intelligence to deliver what we wanted. We were then referred to Innergy by a business partner of ours who had used them in the past. 

    The entire experience, from the outset, was so refreshing, yet so evidently going to work! The Innergy team not only took their time to truly get under the skin of our business, but also to listen to what we really wanted to achieve in the future. The solutions they developed were therefore always exactly in line with our thinking. 

    I was continuously amazed by the levels of energy and enthusiasm they maintained during all the time we worked with them over this period, which in turn had such a positive effect on our staff (and us!). This alone, made the whole journey to where we are today, so enjoyable. 
    We continue to utilize their services to further grow and support our business, and would not hesitate to referring them on to any organisation in a similar position to ours.

    James McMillan Director, MA Associates Worldwide