• Fashion and Retail Personnel

    The Challenge

    Fashion and Retail Personnel is a privately owned company specialising in recruiting for major retailers and manufacturers throughout the UK and overseas covering both permanent and temporary positions from Graduate through to Director levels. 

    Having been established for 15 years and with 30 staff the Directors felt that a new approach to leadership and management styles were needed to keep ahead in this ever-evolving fast paced field. 

    The manager of the Nottingham office and the Sales Director both felt that they needed a fresh approach to leadership after numerous years in recruitment with the ultimate purpose of maximising sales and staff motivation.

    The Solution

    The Extraordinary leadership programme was chosen as a training opportunity for the two key personnel. This was a unique programme carried out over an 8-week period for one day every fortnight covering all aspects of leadership and management.

    The Outcome

    Throughout the eight-week period different challenges were covered and subsequently implemented into the business focussing on staff morale and motivation. Each session another topic was covered and then fed back to the sales team with amazing results ensuring staff were focussing on their individual goals and recognising their own potential and self-belief as well as understanding others in their teams. 

    Management implemented several of Innergy's recommendations including a once a month work from home strategy day which led to a reorganisation of staff incentives, salary structures and organisational structure creating a new tier of management which has had an extremely positive outcome with all staff, and has enabled the Director to look more strategically at the business and recognise potential growth areas.

    What they said..

    "Throughout my 17 years in recruitment and numerous training courses I found the Extraordinary Leadership Programme to be by far the best I have ever attended. Innergy's passion, enthusiasm and delivery of the course was superb and his ongoing support was greatly appreciated. 

    I will definitely be using Innergy for future training for my other managers and sales staff.

    Innergy’s training is unique and inspirational and they actually work with you to achieve the right results for your business. 

    Thank you Innergy for inspiring me after all these years in recruitment!

    Shelley Pinto Recruitment and Sales Director, Fashion and Retail Personnel