• DHI

    The Challenge

    DHI offers a comprehensive range of support services for people addressing drug and alcohol problems, with particular regard for those who are homeless or in housing need. 

    In 2005, following a period of rapid growth and change, the executive board of DHI realised the need to work with the staff and management of DHI to allay their fears regarding the changes in the business and to unite them to work together for one common goal.

    The Solution

    The solution involved an initial two-stage needs analysis workshop with both the staff of DHI, as well as the individual managers, to develop a comprehensive understanding of the key challenges facing the business at all levels. 

    On consultation with DHI's senior management, following formal review of the analysis report, it was agreed that a staggered leadership programme, held over a two month period would best assist the development of the key business challenges for DHI. 

    The programme, held off-site, focused on the development of the key leadership skills for the management team within DHI, including people management, problem solving and transformational leadership.

    The Outcome

    By the end of the programme, the managers of DHI were already experiencing a dramatic increase in support from their direct and indirect reports within their teams. 

    Some of the more complicated challenges originally facing the business were being effectively managed and resolved by the managers, and new approaches to problem solving were imbedded within the business.

    What they said..

    "Innergy was brought in to help the Drugs & Homeless Initiative (DHI) adapt after a period of rapid growth had left some in the organisation resistant or ambivalent toward change. 

    This step was not embarked on lightly. As a registered charity, the organisation was concerned that the fees of a management consultant would be beyond us and the advice offered, inappropriate or unrealistic.

    In short, we did not want to be treated as a cash cow or fed whatever the latest management fad might happen to be. What we wanted was someone who would listen to us, understand the particular culture and needs of the organisation and respond appropriately. Our fears were soon allayed. 

    Following extensive consultation across all levels of the organisation, Innergy tailored a programme to meet the charity's unique needs at an affordable price. This involved working with the organisation's team leaders to help them build the capabilities necessary to drive forward the changes by harnessing the collective intelligence and commitment of the whole organisation. 

    This combination of consultancy and training enabled the organisation to learn by working through real and complex problems, all the time with the professional and enthusiastic support of a consultant. 

    What Innergy offered DHI was a sustainable programme that responded to both the immediate challenges ahead of us, while at the same time developing capabilities which will see us better equipped to survive and thrive in today's rapidly changing climate."

    Rosie Phillips Executive Director, DHI