• Cocoabean Recruitment

    The Challenge

    Cocoabean Recruitment Limited is a newly set up, privately owned Recruitment Consultancy working alongside a number of SME to global organisations throughout East Anglia; to assist in the recruitment of commercial temporary and permanent generalist staff.

    Having formed Cocoabean it was apparent that to survive in the industry a fresh cutting edge approach to recruitment was needed, thus ensuring the recruitment and management style was indispensable to both employees and businesses alike.

    This could be achieved by having a unique leadership style for management implemented internally, to ensure that the external sales and recruitment procedures would achieve maximum impact.

    The Solution

    Innergy produced a highly innovative staggered eight week course focusing on successful leadership skills which would in turn enhance sales and staff motivation overall.

    It covered all angles; from offering unique differentiators to stand out from competitors through to structured sales analysis, personality analysis for client and staff relationships through to motivational techniques to lead staff.

    All of these will have the benefit of enhancing the service which Cocoabean provides, and thus increasing profits.

    The Outcome

    The Extraordinary Leadership programme had a massive impact within Cocoabean, with positive comments from both management and staff.

    The programme refocused Cocoabean to ensure they executed highly successful ideas to make a positive financial impact.

    Having executed Innergy’s ideas, the Cocoabean team has re-evaluated their structures and processes which in turn has increased interest, our USPs and profits massively.

    What they said..

    Having completed the Extraordinary Leadership course all I can say is thank you.

    The feedback I have received from staff and external clients has been fantastic, and the re-evaluation of our processes and approach has enabled Cocoabean to be truly unique within the highly buoyant sector of recruitment.

    The staggered approach enabled management to implement and report on progress on a regular basis, and we have not felt compelled to revert back to normal habits. Staff have reacted brilliantly with the new ideas and I look forward to introducing them to additional courses Innergy can offer.

    Again, thank you. Please do not hesitate to pass on my details to future prospective customers.

    Mary Pratt MREC, Director, Cocoabean Recuitment Limited