• BPP

    The Challenge

    BPP is the leading global provider of professional education and has established a reputation for excellent teaching and quality tutors.

    As the market developed and competition increased, BPP were determined to increase the levels of customer satisfaction and demonstrate value through service. 

    The Regional Managing Directors were challenged to increase their service levels, which were already high. They attended two conferences designed to increase their understanding and awareness of effective approaches to develop service.

    The Solution

    Two conferences were designed at which the Regional Managing Directors were coached through an approach to:

    • Develop and implement an effective approach which increases service through engaging their front line teams.
    • Bring innovation into the work place.

    The Outcome

    The Regional Managing Directors embraced the process and rolled it out across the UK, and developed approaches which could impact service levels, which subsequently increased. In the words of one Managing Director having used the process to engage his team : 'I learnt more today than I have in nine months in charge'

    What they said..

    "You were asked to help them understand how to communicate to and engage their teams in improving service, as well as giving them the confidence to do so. BPP has high customer standards and expectations. I was looking for a strategic answer rather than a quick fix. The delegates commented on your excellent and enthusiastic delivery, the focus of the course on key issues and how simple you made the problem to understand. 

    I personally felt that it was a great success. My objectives were simple, clear and you delivered them. My staff were engaged throughout and able to apply your approach to our business easily. 

    The training has since been delivered successfully in each region which demonstrates the confidence the delegates had in using your approach. I am looking forward to building on what we have achieved.

    Simon Emery National Managing Director, BPP